“There is a nakedness about this art, something is exposed to the bone/grain. Should we call these works paintings? Their sensations of animated form may suggest otherwise… Before our eyes we see fabrics (a product of craft and spirit) undergo infinitesimal mutations. Ellemers’ art touches the point where material becomes spirit.”

Mark Kremer | curator schrijver

The work of filmmaker and artist Carina Ellemers (1965) is all about assembling and arranging. Ellemers work refers not only to abstract art and minimalism, but also to everyday life through the examination of the sensuality of fabrics. During her period at the Rijksakademie, where she studied in the period from 1989 to 1991, she became fascinated by the vulnerable beauty of the blank, virgin canvas. With found fabrics from all over the world, from tea towel to velvet, she creates ‘stitched paintings’ in which she plays an intricate game with light and shadow, horizontals and verticals, with openwork and closed parts.