Nie Pastille
10 June - 14 August 2021

Hidde van Seggelen is pleased to present the exhibition "WIE OOB" by artist Nie Pastille (1968). This exhibition has been installed in the gallery and is also available for viewing online.

Dream sequences transformed into colorful, almost esoteric hippie-esque oil-on-linen and chipboard are presented as wall objects. Nie's canvasses are unconventionally constructed by re-joining sawn parts,  providing rounded irregular shapes with soft edges and feature open partitions, occasionally including painted stuffed linen cushions. The edges are covered with plain cloth.
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Harmen Brethouwer
29 April - 5 June 2021

Hidde van Seggelen is pleased to present the exhibition "Meanderlust" by Dutch artist Harmen Brethouwer. This is Brethouwer’s third exhibition with the gallery and his first in the gallery in Hamburg.

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The community of the painted

Jos van Merendonk is currently showing 24 paintings at Parts Project in the Hague, the Netherlands. It is the second showing by van Merendonk at the private cultural initiative founded by collector Cees van den Burg. 

For this exhibition a free catalogue is available including two essays by Roland Groenenboom and Franz W. Kaiser. This publication can be viewed also online:

The exhibition is extended until 21 March 2021. For visiting and gaining access to the show please contact Parts Project.
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TEFAF Online 2020

Hidde van Seggelen is pleased to participate in the inaugural TEFAF ONLINE 2020.

On the occasion of this event we will present a kinetic work from German artist Gerhard von Graevenitz.

Gerhard von Graevenitz embodies a legacy of the late modernist tendencies after WW2 such as op-art, kinetic art, and other movements. He was a co-founder of the Nouvelle Tendence and a member of ZERO. Von Graevenitz made works that investigate elementary movement and visual experience. He constructed ‘play-objects’, some of which were models for multiples, and made serigraphs investigating non-hierarchical fields on the basis of chance-operations. He participated in important exhibitions on the subject of perception such as The Responsive Eye (MOMA, 1965). From 1972 onwards Von Graevenitz used a chance-generator for computer-graphics for his works. The kinetic object Zwei Streifen is one of the first object Von Graevenitz made after his return from Paris. The black and white lines  move at slow speed independently over the square canvas and never touch or overlap each other.

TEFAF Online 2020 will run until November 4, 2020

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There is a passage in W.G. Sebald’s book Rings of Saturn in which the narrator describes Somerleyton, a famous English country manor. Somerleyton’s magical quality is that everything flows so harmoniously that any obvious divisions between inside and outside are blurred: “it was famed for the scarcely perceptible transitions from interiors to exterior; those who visited were barely able to tell where the natural ended and the man-made began.” Reading this passage, Driessen was struck by how the concept of the porous boundary between inside and outside described the ideas his new series of paintings explores. In Driessen’s Somerleyton paintings, he uses the fragmented human body to examine this tension between in and out, shaking up the body to see what happens when inside and outside meet, the way paint meets the surface of a canvas.
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Tear it up

Hidde van Seggelen is proud to announce an exhibition by Spanish artist Pere Llobera.

Pere Llobera’s paintings resemble volatile evocations of possible worlds. The works are like scenes taken from a narrative, fragments in a film or a detective story. Often, they combine various layers and types of visual information. The painterly style is atmospheric, moody; a sleek unevenness suggests that everything can change at any moment; this mercurial aspect is important. 

Llobera is interested in the state of the world, he makes art in response to political issues, and takes his inspiration from many artists. He favours a humoristic approach to the unexpected, for example he made a painting of one of his own works, that was hung behind a door because his friend’s wife did not favour it. Sometimes he collaborates with other artists. 

This presentation at our gallery features a number of paintings that can perhaps best be described as anomalies, fantastical creations out of the ordinary. In the work A bunch of Gnomes stole Jacko’s Glove, 2020 one sees this intersection of fantasy and reality. Six gnomes steal the glove of Michael Jackson and are they seen marching through a forest with the diamond glove draped over their pointy hats. Jackson’s fantasy world was a nasty one in reality and in literature and cartoons gnomes are just as awkward. 

Llobera’s approach gives way to look and think about subjects that are around us; advertisements, pamphlets, cartoons, political figures, books or cars.  The excitement of subject matter is emphasized by two large works in this show: one is titled Superman and the second is called Tió Lisèrgic, a title after a Spanish Christmas tradition Tió de Nadal, where children are being given a wooden log that poops out presents when children hit it with a stick.  Both topics receive the same treatment: superman has not shaved for a couple of days and has clearly done something he very much regrets. The image of the pink log is repeated numerous times within the painting to an almost hallucinating effect, meddling with a Christmas tradition.  

What comes forward in these works is a saturnine element, interest in the impasse and a capacity to see it as potential, and a desire to confront all painterly and narrative limitations. 

One painting Rococo Guardrail, (2018) shows the side of a road where the crash barrier has been transformed into a golden ‘Rococo’ frame, all curls and shine. The artist tells us that he painted the spot where motorcyclists find their death, making it at least a beautiful place. 

For further information please contact galerie on:

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Due to the Corona virus outbreak the 2020 edition of TEFAF Maastricht was cut short.
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Klaas Kloosterboer @ Kasteel Wijlre, Wijlre (near Maastricht), The Netherlands

Text by Estate Wijlre: The exhibition surveys thirty years of his practice. Kloosterboer is a painter whose wide-ranging work consistently bridges the gap between abstraction and action. By questioning the elements of painting and its display, he confronts the viewer with the painting process. Rather than illustrating thoughts, his work is often an act in and of itself. As such, Kloosterboer’s work is always rooted in an action. He might determine a place on the canvas through cutting, sewing and throwing paint. Sometimes you see a suspended life-size, hand-sewn linen costume; a series of painted boxes; or even a video depicting the view through a car’s rear window as it pulls two giant balls down a road.
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Pere Llobera: Circular Fable. Alone and Maddened: Between Total Accuracy and a Song by Sau. @ La Capella, Barcelona, Spain

Text by La Capella: Faula rodona started four years ago when Pere Llobera found himself looking at Richard Dadd’s painting Titania Sleeping. The real madness of its painter, who produced all of his paintings while a patient in a psychiatric hospital, gave us not an aphorism but a weighty axiom: “there is no art without conflict”. The apathy of the world today and the fact that, as Imre Kertész states, “we live in a metaphysically abandoned world” call on the artist to generate this invocation of conflict and wonder inside the Chapel of the Santa Creu.Mishima went to talk to some students hostile to him at the university. One of the youths shouted, “Mishima! Be sensible!” To which he replied: “How can you expect me to be sensible if I’ve come here today?” This would be the spirit of the exhibition: to keep, contrary to all logic and prudence, the Chinese plates spinning on their poles and to end up sewing the sticky web of this project to which everything the artist was seeking and everything that has crashed into it by accident has adhered.
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Siobhán Hapaska @ Kunstmuseum St Gallen, Switzerland

text by Kunstmuseum St Gallen: Siobhán Hapaska’s sculptures contain political, social, and ideological aspects, but also reflect elements of technology and nature. The works in the current series with titles such as Touch and Love are made of a newly developed material, a concrete fabric that is used for emergency shelters. The artist uses its qualities to create striking sculptures that refer to the human body. Alienation and loneliness as well as a carefree attitude and humor are recurring feelings in her work; she soberly explores and examines them in sculptural placements. This results in complex material relationships that oscillate between potential power and balanced equilibrium. The sculptures, enigmatic in their composition, allow for several readings: the inherent properties of the materials contrast with symbolic meanings for the environment/ecology, economy, culture, and religion. 
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Carina Ellemers: The Future is Female @ CODA Museum Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

The Future is Female - Love Letters at CODA Museum will show a selection of works by 41 artists. Curated by guest curator Francis Boeske the exhibition features a wide variety of means and materials: paper meets textiles, from cyanotype and painting to video. The Future is Female was first initiated at PARTS Project in The Hague in 2018. Among other artists, Ellemers will show together with Hanne Darboven, Sylvie Fleury, Terri Friedman,Helga Goetze, Claire Harvey, Jenny Holzer, Dorothy Iannone,  Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Kiki Kogelnik, Käthe Kollwitz, Kinke Kooi, Kiki Lamers, Lynne Leegte, Agnes Martin, Annie Morris, Hamideh Najafi, Otobong Nkanga, Malin Gabriella Nordin, Anna Oppermann, Yoko Ono, Andrea Rádai, Marisa Rappard, Lydia Schouten, Aase Seidler Gernes, Lise Sore, Lily van der Stokker, Lucia Tallova, Rosemarie Trockel.
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Ansuya Blom @ CASCO Art Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Ansuya Blom's work is featuring at Casco Art Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands as part of a program of four solo exhibitions. Blom is showing alongside Babi Badalov, Ama Josephine Budge, and Mire Lee. 

'Ansuya Blom invites us to sense a dreamworld or a dark corner of the mind through her delicately rendered paintings, drawings, collages, sculpture, and films. Revealed vital organs in a series of paintings refer to the consequences of putting words to what you cannot describe yet what’s happening irresistibly on your “insides.” The partially concealed interior scenes of psychiatry clinics on collages draw a hazy line between confusion and clarity.' [cit. Caso website]

This exhibition runs until November 3, 2019

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Tom Benson at PEAC Museum, Freiburg, DE

Works by Tom Benson are included in the current exhibition The Garden of Colours at the PEAC Museum in Freiburg, Germany.

The collection at PEAC, one of the most important collections in the field of radical painting in Europe, has been brought together by the late entrepreneur Paul Age.

The exhibition will run from 22 September 2019 to 9 April 2020. Museum director Dr. Julia Galandi-Pascual will host a special guided tour of the exhibition on Monday 21 at 19.00.

Artists included are Dieter Kiessling, Günter Umberg, Rudolf de Crignis, Andreas von Ow, Elge Esser, Stephan Baumkötter, Agnes Martin, Marcia Hafif, Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Tom Benson, Peter Tollens, Frank Badur, Myriam Holme, Reto Boller, Judith Kakon, Franziska Reinbothe, Raimund Girke, Maria Tackmann, Phil Sims, Winston Roeth and Nikola Ukic.

For further information please visit the new PEAC website:
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Hidde van Seggelen is pleased to present the first exhibition in Germany of London-based artist Damian Taylor.

Damian Taylor 


25 October-14 December
Private view
24 October 5 - 8 pm

Finger brings together a group of recent paintings on abraded aluminium supports, which feature a number of images of significant yet often reclusive hands (and the occasional tentacle). It continues the artist's long-standing inquiry into the emotional and intellectual intelligence of hands. Its title returns to a group exhibition held in 2012 at Hidde van Seggelen, London, co-curated by Taylor and Richard Bevan and also featuring works by Ed Atkins, Sean Edwards, Sophie Michael, and Mali Morris.

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Lutz Driessen participating in group exhibition 'The Secret of Things'

Lutz Driessen is participation in the group exhibition 'The Secret of Things. Painted pieces', curated by Hartmut Neumann. The exhibition was previously shown at Beck & Eggeling in Düsseldorf and is now in expanded form on view at the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen.

Participating artists are: Thomas Arnolds, Martin Assig, Michael Bauer, Tim Berresheim, Norbert Bisky, Peter Bömmels, Nicola de Maria, Peter Dreher, Lutz Driessen, Robert Elfgen, Wolfgang Ellenrieder, Max Ernst, Jean Fautrier, Bruno Goller, Wolf Hamm , Thomas Hartmann, Anton Henning, KH Höhle, Gerhard Hoehme, Thomas Huber, Johannes Hüppi, Leiko Ikemura, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Marjorie Jongbloed, Konrad Klapheck, Robert Klümpen, Karin Kneffel, Dieter Krieg, Susanne Kühn, Stefan Kürten, August Macke, Stephan Melzl, Hartmut Neumann, Heribert C Ottersbach, Simon Pasieka, Ulrich Pester, Stefanie Popp, Roland Schappert, Katharina Schilling, Julia Schmid, Andreas Schulze, Norbert Schwontkowski, Sibylle Springer, Norbert Tadeusz, Gert and Uwe Tobias, Cornelius Völker, Friedemann von Stockhausen, Stefan à Wengen and Thomas Werner
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Pere Llobera at Museum Voorlinden - Pere Llobera wins Sacha Penning 2019 award

We congratulate Spanish artist Pere Llobera (1970) on winning the Sacha Tanja Penning 2019 award on Saturday the 16th of February.

The Sacha Penning Award is a yearly recurrent honour to an artist, person or institution who highly contributes to the figurative arts in The Netherlands. The winner of the award receives a prize of 10.000 Euro.

The Jury awarded this years prize to Pere Llobera in honour of his whole oeuvre. Pere Llobera is trained as a classical painter in Barcelona, where he lives and works. At first glance, Pere Llobera's paintings appear to be realistic depictions, almost like snapshots. But in reality they are collages in which he blends facts and fiction, often with a trace of absurdity.

To show Pere Lbobera unique and fascinating view of the world, Museum Voorlinden presents works from 2007 till more recent paintings in the cabinets of the museum from February 16 onwards.

Image: courtesy Hidde van Seggelen - collection ING Bank
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Pieter Laurens Mol at Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

We are delighted that Pieter Laurens Mol is currently exhibiting at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

This intimate presentation shows various works by artist Pieter Laurens Mol (Breda, 1946) from the period 1970 – 2000. The works - photographs, installation and drawings - are related to Mol's own memories of Vincent van Gogh and the province of Brabant, the region from which both men originate.

For the presentation on the third floor of the museum, the artist has selected the installation Lament Superior, 1991 from collection Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, two large photo works Winter over Spring (Forest Zone), 1994 from the collection of Ludmila Danon, Brussels, a smaller painting titled Coucher de Soleil, 1987, private collection, The Hague, and a group of early drawings from 1968-1975.  Elsewhere in the museum is installed, Vincent, Painter of the Free Range, 1992. It is the first time that these works have been brought together in this manner.

This exhibition is part of a series of presentations of modern and contemporary art at the Van Gogh Museum showing how later generation artists have been inspired by van Gogh, and follows recent presentations of works by John Chamberlain, Francis Bacon, Edvard Munch, Frank Auerbach, Willem de Kooning, Zeng Fanzhi, Peter Doig and expressionist paintings from the Merzbacher collection.
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Siobhán Hapaska at John Hansard Gallery

John Hansard Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Siobhan Hapaska's (b.1963). This exhibition highlights new a recent sculptural works including: 'Love' (2016), 'Snake and Apple', 'Earthed', and 'Candlewick' (all 2018). 

Across the sculptures on display, Hapaska introduces a diverse array of materials, including fibreglass, concrete cloth, artificial snakeskin, aluminium, oak, charcoal powder, wax and brass. Each loaded with history and multiple readings, these materials are combined in ways that are surprising: biomorphic forms in concrete cloth reach towards one another, as if trying to touch; glossy fibreglass apples are constricted by snakeskin-veneered metal channels; a sanctuary lamp floods the room with purple light, rotating in a perpetual state of crisis.

The ways in which Hapaska's sculptural forms interact or connect can give her work a powerful sense of duality - we often see two forms of conflict, distress, desire or compassion. At times, her sculptures touch upon different belief systems, ideologies or faiths, but never in a way that is ultimately resolved or redeemed. Rather, we are given an insight into the combustibility of the human condition, with all its flaws and contradictions; tenderness and destructiveness.

This exhibition is made possible with support from Culture Ireland as part of their GB18 programme. 

 Photo credit: Steve Shrimpton
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Hidde van Seggelen - as guest of Sfeir-Semler Gallery Hamburg - is proud to announce the solo-exhibition 'Post No Arms on Mars'  by Dutch artist Pieter Laurens Mol. 

Gallery Sfeir-Semler
Admiralitätstrasse 71
D-20459 Hamburg

1 February - 15 March 2019

Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday 11-6pm
Saturday 11 am-4pm

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Art Rotterdam 2019

Hidde van Seggelen is proud to present a selection of works by Tom Benson, Harmen Brethouwer, Lutz Driessen, Carina Ellemers, Jos van Merendonk and Damian Taylor at Art Rotterdam 2019. 

Art Rotterdam
Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam

Opening hours:
February 7 - 10
Daily 11 am - 19 pm

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Pere Llobera on view in Spain

Two exhibitions at Bombon Projects in Barcelona and Sis Galeria in Sabadell explore Pere Llobera's ever changing styles and painterly references, from Antic Assemblages to Cartoonish canvases.

Press Review Frieze:
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PAN Amsterdam 2018

We are pleased to participate at PAN Amsterdam 2018 with a selection of works by Harmen Brethouwer, Lutz Driessen, Carina Ellemers, Klaas Kloosterboer, Jos van Merendonk, Pieter Laurens Mol and Damian Taylor.

PAN Amsterdam 
Europaplein 20
1078 GZ Amsterdam
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Arbeiten Aus System. Konkrete Kunst 1954-2011

Tom Benson takes part in the exhibition “Konkrete Kunst 1954-2011” which includes 50 artworks from the collection of Manfred Waldel and includes works by Bernard Aubertin, Tom Benson, Hartmut Böhm, Hans Peter Hoch, Kathrin Kaps, Norbert Kricke, Thomas Lenk, Vera Molnar, Dimitry Orlac, Steffen Schlichter, Anton Stankowski, Erik Sturm, Issao Takahashi, and Christian Wulffen.

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Robert van Altena in conversation with artist Jos van Merendonk, one hour interview (in Dutch)

Robert van Altena in conversation with artist Jos van Merendonk, one hour interview (in Dutch)

SPRINGVOSSEN by Robert van Altena

Image: Jos van Merendonk, 2014-2-9, 2014, 200 x 200, acrylic on canvas

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New publication Jos van Merendonk

Text Mark Kremer, Stefan Majakowski
Photography Allard Bovenberg
Design Rutger Fuchs
Publisher HIDDE VAN SEGGELEN, Hamburg
ISBN: 978-3-9819511-0-3
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TEFAF Maastricht 2018

Hidde van Seggelen is proud to present a selection of works by Armando, Tom Benson, Harmen Brethouwer, Lutz Driessen, Suchan Kinoshita, Klaas Kloosterboer, Jos van Merendonk, Pieter Laurens Mol, François Morellet and Damian Taylor at TEFAF Maastricht 2018.

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TEFAF New York Spring 2017

Hidde van Seggelen is proud to present a solo presentation of works by Pieter Laurens Mol at TEFAF New York Spring.

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Museum Boijmans-Van Beuningen acquires Excquisite Corpse by Harmen Brethouwer

This cone by artist Harmen Brethouwer is made in collaboration with the architect Michael Young (Young & Ayata). This work is one from a series of 5 unique cones for which Brethouwer asked Michael Young to employ all styles from the book The Grammar of Ornament (1856) by Owen Jones.. In his book Owen Jones illustrates twenty ornamental style variations in total, such as Greek, Roman, Indian Persian, Renaissance which are combined in 4 different layered style sections in the cone.
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TEFAF Maastricht 2017

Hidde van Seggelen is pleased to participate in TEFAF Maastricht 2017 we will be showing works by artists Armando, Ansuya Blom, Tom Benson, Harmen Brethouwer, Lutz Driessen, Thomas Grünfeld, Siobhán Hapaska, Dom. Hans van der Laan, Pieter Laurens Mol, Andreas Schulze and Damian Taylor.
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